11 Healthy Ways to Cook Delicious Fish for Eating

How many ways you know for cooking fish and what’re the different dishes you have enjoyed still now and then?
Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art. You have to use lots of ingredients and flavors to make your cooking delicious. If you mixed the ingredients wrong, no one is going to eat this. Fish is delicious. Cook it carefully and serve to your loved ones.
You can cook fish various ways. Here are some ideas. Before cooking make sure you scale it with best fish scaler.

11 Ways to Cook Fish to Savour with Pleasure:

Cooking in water

Cooked or boiled: When you are going to cook the fish in the water, first you need to skin it well with fish skinner then  make a good broth mix the fish. That is prepared by pre-braised vegetables (garlic, onion or leek and carrot), using boiled water. Then release these into the broth. Make the fire slow and short to allow the fish is well juicy.
Poached: The fish is immersed in boiling water with a little salt and vinegar or lemon juice and seasoned with crude oil at the end with a fried garlic or accompanied by various side dishes and sauces.

Preparing a good fish soup

How to Prepare Fish Soups
The ingredients to make a good fish stock are spines, heads or fresh fish offal. Commonly used spine are hake, turbot, sole, monkfish, conger and cod. Take condiment and fresh vegetables( mainly onions, green part of leeks, herbs, and spices). Use cold water is white wine if you like. Thorns and fresh vegetables are put into a container. Then put little water or wine if you like, and put it on the fire. Wait half an hour or three-quarter of an hour. You can’t retain the soups fish from one day to another as it will get spoiled after 24 hours. So it’s ideal to consume immediately.

Fat cooking

Frying: Dip the fish in hot oil. If it is coated or breading, a surface crust that reduces nutrient loss. Use olive oil which is healthy, as well as that, can withstand high temperatures.
To limit oil absorption, you need to add a tablespoon of water for each egg, beaten.
Once fried fish is ready, it must drain well to avert excess oil and make it more crispy and less greasy. This will help to get required calorie and digest quickly. Somebody recommend pre-dip raw fish in milk with a little salt which makes it more tasty and crunchy.

Sauteed: Fish and other ingredients (raw or cooked, garlic, onions or leeks, peppers, etc.) are passed by the pan over high heat, using a small amount of oil.
Braised and stir-fry: Use very low heat with a little oil and the water containing the fish itself and the other ingredients, raw or cooked.

Mixed Cooking: water and fat

Stew: The fish is cooked completely in oil, here you will add some water. It takes place over low heat.
Dry cooking
Grilled Roast: Discover the pleasure of eating fish. By this method, the fish is cooked at a high temperature on a hot plate which receives the heat directly.

Fish Roast

Grilled: Cooking at an elevated temperature on a rack placed at a distance from the heat source (coals). Requires an aroma, flavor and pleasant consistency. Sardines, anchovies, and trout are succulent.
Baking and gratin: Employ the fish a furnace with humidifier. It is used especially for pieces (slices, thick steaks) or medium and large fish.
Make sure that the temperature inside the food does not exceed 70 for good. This is achieved with an oven temperature between 180C and 190C. Parts or whole fish smeared with oil to avoid losing much juice and not dry. Besides, you can fill: trout with mushrooms, onion cake stuffed, boiled egg and prawns, etc.

To make tasty dishes you may also use other slices. The most common herbs and lemon zest are usually introduced into the cavities of the fish. Another mixture consists breadcrumbs with herbs, spices or nuts, whole or chopped. Fish can also broil to give the surface more color.

Other Types of Fish Cooking

Vapor: Enjoying pleasure of eating fish is carried out by fish cooked in a steaming vessel. The Certain amount of water is put into the pot, without reaching the bottom of the basket. Fish in the basket and ingredients that thanks to clear steam water to boil cooked are placed. This system retains the nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. People like boiling or cooking in water because no dilution occurs.

Water bath: The vessel containing the ingredients is introduced in another larger with water. The heat does not act directly on the container, makes it through the hot water around him. It is recommended for delicate dishes like fish pie or seafood, often accompanied by various sauces and garnishes to make it more colorful. For example; salmon cake decorated with mayonnaise, shredded red pepper, quartered egg, finely chopped prawns and lettuce.

Papillote: The fish is wrapped in heat-resistant paper or leafy vegetables (grapes, bananas, cabbage) lightly greased. The fish is cooked in its juices without adding water or oil. Direct contact of the heat source over the food is prevented, so the loss of nutrients is reduced.
Microwave: It is useful for quick cooking small pieces of fish and vegetables. Treatment with this technique deteriorates not only the nutritional value of food.

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