How to Catch Red Snapper in the Deep Sea

Do you know the red snapper? It is one of the richest and healthy fish exist in the world. The salmon, tuna and others fishes are also in this category.

What is the red snapper

It is a deep  sea fish, which is found mainly in the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and and in the Gulf of Mexico . For this reason that it is very popular in the southern United States and the Aztec country.

It stands out precisely because it is red on the outside , with intermixed with silver, giving  a really particular appearance.

Benefits of Red Snapper

Without any doubt, it is a fish great for nutrition and health . You will discover what you benefits will get when you eat red snapper.

  • Excellent source of protein. In every 100 grams of red snapper contains  1 20 calories and about 25 grams of protein . Their values in both sections make the snapper in an excellent option for any type of low – calorie diet, low carb or just healthy.
  • Contains Omega 3. The omega 3 in a portion, can make your body strong.
  • Nutrients Rich. In addition to omega – 3 and proteins, red snapper high amount of  vitamin A, B12, selenium, potassium and other minerals.

How to Catch Red Snapper in Deep Saline Water

If you’ve never been out on a charter for deep sea fishing, you might consider going off the beaten path and try your hand at angling for red snapper. This fish is sometimes tough to find, but when you do, get ready for hours of fun!

Some  Tips for catching Red Snapper

One of the reasons to capture red snapper is that the fish are non-migratory, and you can catch them year-round in most locales. Snappers also school in large groups, so if you hit a good spot with the right live bait or lures, you’re in for a lot of excitement.

  • When deep sea fishing, always look for established structures (like the aforementioned oilrigs off of Louisiana’s coast). As a rule, red snapper will usually be found near static vertical obstructions.
  • I’m calling this deep sea fishing, because technically it is, but most red snapper will be found in water that is 50-200 feet in depth. When temps dip down in the Winter, the fish will move toward shallower waters (20-30 ft.).
  • It’s important to use the correct live bait for red snapper. This includes small prey fish, shrimp, and squid. Generally speaking, larger baits equal bigger fish in your net.

5 Steps to catch snappers Effortlessly!

1- The Time: The first thing we determine is the TIME . I recommend you choose between 5 pm to 8 pm, this is the schedule PICK where more frequent bites will perform snappers. Although the fact remains true that on the night after 8 pm snappers have captured good too … but most likely the perfect time is undoubtedly from 5 pm to 8 pm.

2- The Duration: The time of the most effective way to catch these beautiful fish in the year is between the months of March to July ; therefore it is the season they feed most and stay active to defend their young.

3- The right tools: The hook should be of good size and GOOD QUALITY , with a hook 1 to 3, would be excellent; You should also carry a lead round between 1 to 2 ounces, because the current at the mouth of the rivers is quite strong and the bait is necessary to remain quiet in the background. And the most important! You have to put a bass line that is hard enough you attach on your reel or rod. So that snapper can not cut the thread with its sharp front teeth. If you can get yourself a bass line that is stainless steel would be much better

4- What Bait Are You Going To Use? Pay close attention here because this step is the most important: The preferred bait for the snapper is definitely the Sardine , especially if they are fresh sardines. In case you don’t have sardines you can use pieces of squid that are cut too large to attract more chopped; Now .. I repeat the SARDINA is the most appetizing for snappers no doubt.

And as a final step 5- going to make the set thoroughly, trying to capture the moment when the tide is HIGH as it allows it to feed even more closer to the shore.

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