10 of The Colorful Freshwater Fish You May Choose for Your Aquarium

The freshwater fish are calm and easy to take care.

Unlike saltwater fish, they can adapt to new surroundings without trouble. Adding colorful fish to your freshwater aquarium is now gotten easier.

You can do so naturally by choosing fish that get along and bring out the best in each other.
Here are ten most colorful fish to consider.

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1. Male Betta

st striking about the male Betta is their brightly colored, flowing fins. You have a wide range of options – yellow, purple, blue, red, white and even black Bettas! Although Male Bettas come in single colors it’s not unusual to find them sporting two or more colors.
Their distinctive fins also set males apart from the less striking females. Male Bettas are a must-have for your aquarium. They will be around for a long time.

2. Peacock Cichlid

Brightly colored and hard to miss, that’s the Peacock Cichlid, another must-have freshwater fish for your aquarium. Peacock Cichlid is the fish with dark stripes running vertically on its body. The wide range of colors including gold, red, bright yellow, bright orange, and blue make this fish one of the great colorful freshwater fish. People who like ornamental would like to keep Peacock Cichlids along with other fish.

3. Discus

Originally from the Amazon River Basin, the Discus is a vividly colored choice for your aquarium. This fish, which belongs to the family of Cichlids, are so popular thanks to their vivid orange, red, bright blue and brown color. Discus fish also carry striking markings that look a lot like brain patterns. You can choose among hundreds of colors and designs including single colors, pure white, and colors designed by breeders.

4. Endlers Livebearer

This is not an easy fish to find but when you do, you’ll be happy that everything is well worth it. Endlers Livebearers are recognizable by their bright, neon colors including green-yellow, orange, baby blue, and even black. They do look a little like wild Guppy but their unique coloration makes them quite attractive to fish enthusiasts. Endlers Livebearers are not aggressive and will get along with any change in your aquarium’s conditions.

5. Killifish

Another popular choice is the Killifish, originally from Africa, North and South America, parts of Europe, and Asia. Ornamental fish enthusiasts love their striking orange, blue, red, and yellow color. You’ll also recognise a Killifish by its distinctive markings and patterns. Males carry orange spots on their fins and stripes along the body to the edge of their fins. You’ll be happy to know that Killifish are docile and are so easy to take care of. Call ahead to make sure your pet supplier still has Killifish in stock.

6. German Blue Ram

What the German Blue Ram lacks in size, it more than makes up for in its flamboyant colors. You know a German Blue Ram by the seven – count them, seven – dark vertical stripes that end with a distinctive stripe on the head to the eye. Its normally green-yellow coloration is enhanced by the blue dots covering the fins and the red patches near the eyes, on the belly, and on the lower and upper parts of the dorsal and tail fins. This is a quiet fish that is not fussy in your aquarium.

7. Flowerhorn Cichlid

Their large heads and flower shaped dark spots will be the first thing you’ll notice about Flowerhorn Cichlids. You’ll also be struck by their color. Red is a popular choice among enthusiasts, but you can find Flowerhorns in almost any color you can imagine. That’s because they have been crossbred among various American Cichlid species for years. How much you’ll pay depends on the number of colors and distinct patterns you request.

8. Boeseman’s Rainbowfish

Boeseman’s Rainbowfish are exotic fish originally from Indonesia, close to Western New Guinea that are also quite popular here. You’ll recognise their one-of-a-kind pattern – purple or bluish-grey in the front half and bright red or orange in the back half. Boeseman’s Rainbowfish carry dark lines on its body, orange on its fins, and white edges on its dorsal fins.

9. Fantail Guppy

Your aquarium comes to life with the Fantail Guppy. Fantails come in solid colors – purple, blue, red, yellow, white and even metallic. To top it off, these fish have eye catching spots on their flowing tail fins. With so many color combinations to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding one, or two, Fantails that fit well in your aquarium environment. You’ll also find it less expensive to maintain these active fish.

10. Gourami

Originally from Pakistan, India, Asia and Korea, the Gourami has made its presence felt in the West. There’s no end to the variety of colors and patterns you’ll find on a Gourami, such as, neon, gold, blue and sunset. The Red Fire Dwarf Gourami, the Banded Gourami, and the Blue Gourami are the most colourful. Gouramis are very resilient in freshwater aquariums and will keep you entertained with its antics. Did we mention that these fish are easy to care for?
You’ve seen our ten most colourful freshwater fish for your aquarium. Go ahead and check them out.

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