How to Choose an Aquarium Canopy

They come in several different sizes and styles to fit any room decor. There are stands available where the unit is one piece that you place the aquarium inside of so it gives an all over visual appeal. Sizes for this item range from the 10 gallon aquarium to the 29 gallon.

Simple aquarium stands:
There are also stands available where you simply place the aquarium on top. These come in numerous styles and designs. You can find everything from a simple metal unit to an intricately designed hardwood.

Aquarium canopy:
There are also stands that have canopy accessories available if you would like to create a unit that has more of a home furnishings appeal to it.

Make attention to weight!
When choosing a stand for your aquarium it is important to make sure the stand will support the weight. A good rule of thumb is to add 8 pounds in weight for every gallon of water. So your tank weight would be the total in gallons of water times 8 plus the weight of your fish and accessories. Also a consideration is the vibration level in the area you will have the stand.

If you have a lot of children running around or live in an earthquake area you will want to make sure your stand is sturdy en any possible mishaps.

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