Best Trolling Reels For The Money

Fishing at the trolling motor requires a particular type of reel, totally different from other fishing reels.The advantages of this kind of reels are, they significantly reduces friction on the line, and help to catch fish from long distances.

Moreover, these types of reel have special bearings to soften the collection line, and all have a specific brake to decrease rotation speed when launching.

We have presented a careful selection of the top brands of saltwater and freshwater trolling reels which are highly praised by users and best in the market.

Need a Quick Decision? Here's Our Top 3 Picks

Charter captains spend most days on the water. Their livelihood depends on good, durable trolling reels that not only perform trouble free day after day but are also smooth and responsive. Who is betters to work with in developing a new line of super-strong big game reels? The line counter is a nice feature which give accurate measurement of the distance of the line.

Okuma Convector trolling reels is constructed out of the highest quality materials. So, capable of undergoing the abuse of a heavy line. Its oversized crank is like an add-on as it allows you not to miss any of your hit. Again, if you’re frustrated finding all the trolling reels made only for right-handed anglers, this model has come to relief you from such anxiety. The lefty persons are also taken into mind while manufacturing this kit. So, it’s time to get rid of the idea of compromising while handling the reels.

The quality of its performing precisely has diminished its only downside of having slow gear ratio. Among the other useful components of this light weighted device, machine cut stainless steel gears, sealed stainless steel bearings and a forged machined spool are the most highlighted ones.

Daiwa Sealine trolling reel

​Aesthetically appealing, Daiwa Sealine Trolling Reel is loaded with various top notch features. Providing a certain amount of power, its handle works likely great while casting. Long cast composite spool makes these reels the new choice for the high-tech super braid lines. Its excellent free spool adjustment is great for casting and trolling larger baits. Dual disc drags provide silky smooth drag, with excellent range. Wahoo, Marlin, and Tuna are easily landed using these reels.

As the reel’s strength varies depending on its gear material, a careful choice is made by the Daiwa manufacturers. They have introduced machine-cut bronze in this model to give you an ideal casting experience. Though the gears are pretty oversize, you’ll meet the precision needed to deal with any circumstances during your casting.

To give rigidity in its frame as well as in the side plate, aluminum is used to construct them. You may question weight issues for using aluminum, but you can’t ignore the strength the reel gets to make your fighting with big creatures successful. If these traits seem less to you, one thing you’ll surely appreciate about it is that it has got a 1 piece frame guard. As 1 piece frame is good for retaining durability, it’ll be your long-term investment!

3.Penn Gold Label Series International V Two Speed Reel

Penn Gold Label Series single-speed big game reels are the ones that started it all. For more than 30 years, Penn's reels have set the "gold standard" for blue water tournament anglers, world record seekers, and serious offshore anglers. That's because every piece is crafted in America with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Keeping the gear alignment right becomes challenging when a big game is on your line. Therefore, to make your struggle worth remembering as a tale of your success, Penn Gold Label Series is offering accurate gear alignment in its full metal body along with the side plate.

Some viewers dislike the sudden changes to the drag which reduces the chance of your catching the target fish. The preset knob in this model has taken this thing into consideration and consequently has terminated the least possibility of unwanted alteration during your casting the fish. Whatever you fish for, these trolling reels can grab it. Very much worth this price!

4.Quantum Fishing Controller Trolling Reel

​During fishing, we usually drop the bait to attract the fishes and become subconscious about the underwater happenings which increases the chance of missing many big catches. Featured with an extra-loud clicker, Quantum Fishing Controller Trolling Reel is going to be handy in such situations. As soon as any big fish grabs the bait, the reel will begin to yield the line forcefully and make a loud alarm resulting your proper attention in grasping that powerful fish.

Being one of the smoothest reels for the big game this device utilizes Carbon Fibre Drag system. This drag won't swell under the heat of blazing runs by the robust fishes. Quantum has also made the drag discs oversized to provide maximum contact area and deliver consistent performance.

To induce durability with the utmost strength, aluminum handle is used in this reel. Though aluminum is comparatively a heavier metal than graphite, it’ll transcend any other model with graphite handle in terms of the performance. Having a spool energized with high capacity, this reel is going to be your reliable angling partner for years to come.

5.Shimano Torium SW Saltwater stardrag mulitplier reel

The new Torium trolling reels are built with the angler's needs in mind. Especially the saltwater fishermen are going to have fun with this kit. To tackle the larger and powerful fishes, its frame is designed in one-piece. No matter you’re a lefty or a right-handed angler, you’ll find this reel smooth and easy to use.

Choose this reel for Increased durability, a high-speed retrieve, and increased free spool for effortless casting. If it's a kingfish, a striped bass, a tuna, or a dolphin, this reel excels during the most heated battles. The one-piece aluminum die-cast frame eliminates any side-to-side flex in these reels.

By anodizing this reel, the manufacturers have made it erosion free and unlike any other models available in the market, you’ll find it comfortable while handling without having any bruise on your palms. Coupled with Shimano's High-Efficiency Gearing (HEG) and power handle, the Torium surpasses nearly every competitor's much pricier models.

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Instructions for Using Trolling Reels

This type of spools or reels is called open revolving drum. It is a sophisticated system that requires prior training to use properly, because if you're not used to it will lose a lot of time untangling knots.The trick is to get used to running the movement of the spool with your thumb, just before the lure hits the water.

How to Calibrate a Coastal Trolling Reel?

In principle, the brake pressure is graded: that is next to the handle to a midpoint, so that the clutch rigs down freely, if not, adjusts the brake again a little softer. Then you should check weather the coil is stopped when the rig touch the water or soil if it does, it means that has been calibrated correctly. However, if the continuous coil spinning happened, then we should pick up again and adjust brake a slightly stronger degree. If the issue does not resolve you have to repeat this step until the coil stops spinning when the rig touches water or soil. (A good reel facilitates the process, making calibrated in early attempts.)

Then the magnetic brake is calibrated: This has 10 levels, with 1 being the strongest and 10 the weakest level. Most fishers begin adjusting from the strongest point and make trial sets to decrease the pressure until satisfied.Usually, if there is a lot of wind or headwind, the brake is set stronger, whereas if the opposite happens it is adjusted weaker.

Tips to Untangle the Knots of the Reels for Trolling

Newbies have more trouble calibrating reels. However even the most experienced sometimes face tangled to knots the line. When this happens, we must remove the line slowly until you find the place where it gets stuck.

General Maintenance

The maintenance of the spool is required to function properly, so try to lubricate and clean routinely, following the instructions in your manual.

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