Best Spinning Reel Under $100 – Top 5 Quality Reels Reviews for 2018

These days, getting the best fishing reel under $100 is not a troublesome thing since many renowned brands like Shimano, Abu Garcia and Pflueger are offering durable and comparatively easily usable spinning reels at that price range.

Pflueger 6925B President Spinning Reel Review

Editor's Choice: Pflueger 6925B President Spinning Reel

A spinning reel is a precious tool to assemble with your freshwater and saltwater fishing rod for winding and handling the line effectively. The foremost feature you want to consider of a spinning reel is the responsive drag system.

Quality does not always mean more bearing, more gear ratios. At least 5 bearing is fine but those have to be placed strategically on the right areas on the reels. Gear ratio of 5:1 is best for crank baiting and heavy lure action. Slower the ratio, less the pressure on your arm and that is fairly helpful for you in full day crankbait fishing. But to catch big bass, choose a reel with higher gear ratio like 6:1 or more.

Comparison Table of 5 Best Fishing Reels Under 100 Dollars





Editor Rating

Product Source


Shimano Spirex RG Review

Shimano Spirex RG

• Quick fire II

• One handed cast


Okuma Trio High Speed reel review

Okuma Trio High Speed

Powerful dual force  drag


pflueger president spinning reel  review

Pflueger President

•Quick anti-reverse

•Good for surf fishing


Piscifun right and left handed baitcaster

Piscifun® Rapid Baitcaster

9 Ball bearings


Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review

Penn Battle II 

Full metallic body

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Five quick tips in choosing your fishing reel

As you are entering to the world of best spinning reels under 100 dollars this time, you should know some important terms that makes a spinning reel great:

  • Responsive Drag

Your spinning reel should withstand the pressure or drag of a fighting fish. A smooth drag, without a jerk, is best. A quality drag means no line breakage and no loss of fishing tackle with the hard moving fish you're trying to land. Check what kind of drag your reel may hold.

  • Wide Spool reduce Line Twist

In the case of your spool, size matters! The wider the spool, the more line it can hold. Many brands of fishing reels carry three or four size markers. These you can check to ensure that your reel can hold the length of braided or single filament lines you need.

  • Sufficient bearings

The spin in your fishing reels is produced by the bearings they carry. Bearings allow the smooth movement of the handle and the spool. You need at least five bearings for a great reel. Important bearings are the main gear, main handle shaft, anti-reverse, line roller, and the roller bearing.

  • Lightweight and durable material

The weight of your fishing reels is determined by the material they are engineered. Many reels on the market are aluminum, magnesium, carbon or plastic. We recommend that you first go for the carbon or aluminum frame reels that last longer. Plastics, though also lightweight, are not as long time lasting.

  • Dependable Anti-Reverse

It is essential to prevent an accidental unwinding of your reel handle. Great for safety as well as successful fishing whether onshore or offshore. With the an Anti-reverse feature, you can control the tendency of unexpect reverse with a switch or lever found at the bottom of the reel.

5 Best Spinning Reel under $100

1. Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel

Concerned about finding an affordable saltwater spinning reel? Look no further than the Shimano Spirex RG Spinning Reel. Expect easy, one handed action with this ultralight spinning reel. That  is  one of the standard reels for bass fishermen .

Casting is fast and easy - crucial when you meet biting fish! Depending on the size of fish you're after, choose among three line capacities (from 2 to 6 pounds). You will be pleased with its handle grips – rubber – which you can hold even with wet and slimy hands.

Added features are the back drag and fighting drag options which you can quickly adjust.These Shimano spinning reels do not rust thanks to their graphite frame and aluminum spool. Users are happy with the Shimano brand for durability, smooth operation, and flexibility. Make sure to line it properly for best results – not too little or too much line.

The Good

  • Powerful drag and sharp stopping action
  • Quick speed
  • Adjustable handle left or right
  • Durable & liteweight

The Bad

  • Line messes and tangles
  • No Anti-Reverse

Here's a winner from Okuma, the Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel. Talk about drag! This tough cookie packs a mean punch, with its ability to exhaust and subdue fish of 30 lbs or more. Just ask the satisfied anglers who have come to love this outstanding catfishing reel.

Another great thing about these Okuma spinning reel is how smooth they are. Can we say these are smooth as glass? These guys come ready to perform at high speed yet are slick to operate - no hiccups.

No fish can escape the quick retrieve of these babies. The graphite with aluminum design makes for a lightweight but tough combination although a few users were not so impressed with Okuma's graphite gears and bails that jammed. The majority of users however, have had great experiences with this reel.Gears tend to wear out

The Good

  • Powerful drag
  • Lightweight
  • High speed gear ratio
  • Quick retrieve
  • Quick anti-reverse

The Bad

  • Noisy, internal grind
  • Bails fail to close automatically

Pflueger President Spinning Reel is one of the saltwater spinning reels you can't ignore. You have several choices from the family of dependable spinning reels. Anglers who use them are impressed by their smooth action in casting and retrieving.

Expect a great design from Pflueger that is right for the seasoned angler or the complete novice. Users like their durability, and you too can expect a long lasting relationship with this Pflueger President reel, which is also very well for surf fishing with lures.

It is crucial that you consider the type of fish you are after in choosing your Pflueger. There are several sizes to suit different fishing experiences, simply look at the product number for guidance.

The Good

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight body made of graphite
  • Variety of sizes to choose from
  • Smooth action and drag

The Bad

  • Frame Materials does not look amazing

Piscifun Rapid Baitcaster Reels is a lightweight freshwater reel – it comes in at just under 7ozs – that is tough and durable.

Casting bait with this reel is a snap as you don't need to do a lot of adjusting to get things going with this handy baitcasters.

The magnetic braking system also gives this reel a strong stopping power against even the most determined fish. Anglers love the smooth “no backlash” action of this reel. You might have to put in a little effort to set up your reel settings – but once done, you're good to go!

The Good

  • Does not rust
  • Tough and durable
  • Sturdy – great with larger bait

The Bad

  • Gets coated with dirt and moss easily
  • Complicated drag settings
  • Bit Weighty

The Penn Battle II Spinning Reel may be just what you need if you're mainly after fresh water fish. This versatile freshwater reel is a real workhorse that gets the job done!

You can find a Penn up to 2000 from a bunch of products on this series for less than $100. Because others high models of high reel sizes are normally quite pricey.

Anglers like its strength and durability and you can expect lots of action from these handy fishing reels. The Penn Battle Spinning Reel is a little on the heavy side, just as all Penns are. Casting is, however, a snap particularly with braided lines. If you use it in salt water, make sure that you clean your Penn immediately afterwards to avoid malfunction.

The Good

  • Does not rust
  • Tough and durable
  • Smooth drag
  • Versatile

The Bad

  • Have to keep clean and well lubricated

So, the best 5 spinning reels under 100 dollars are reviewed above. If your budget is less, then you can read our another review of best fishing reel under 50.

How to spool a spinning reel

Step by Step process to spool a spinning reel

Did you purchase a nice fishing reel? After getting your product on hand it is now time spoon fishing line on the reel.

To become a successful angler you need to know proper use of the all fishing tackle.

It is an widely asked question, how to spool a spinning reel without line twist?

Nothing terrific! It is just a few minute works.

Knotted and twisted lines and lines slipping from the spool are sure signs that you did a bad job in spooling your reel. Here are the steps to do it properly.  

Check out this video

Important Tips :​

1. Check the direction of your reel bail – Hang empty reel on the rod in the normal direction and rotate handle as though you are pulling fish in. Watch the bail as it turns – Is it turning towards you? That's how your line collects on the spool.

2. Check the direction your line wounds on the filler spool – Place the filler spool to allow your line to peel off toward your reel bail as you rotate the handle.

3. Knot the line to reel spool – With the arbor knot tie your line to the reel spool. Make sure your knot is secure and won't slip off when you start to rotate the handle. If this happens, check your knot or tie it again. Another knot you could use is the uni-knot.

4. Start reeling it in – Carefully rotate the handle with the hand you normally use to crank. While adding tension between your fingers of your other hand or, if your reel is already on the rod, raise it slightly to add tension on the line. You can ask someone to help you with this, or put filler spool on the ground and allow the line to be wound on the reel.

5. Fill spool to within 1/8 or 3.2 mm of spool top –Most modern fishing reels have a marker that shows when the proper amount of line is collected. Too little line on your reel will make casting shorter as your line rubs against the top of your reel spool. Too much line on the spool will cause it to become loose and entangled, making casting difficult. That's it! Now cut the line from the filler spool and put it away.

The Final Decision

All companies are trying to improve  features offering quality spinning reels on relatively affordable price. No one is best fit for all. Again everybody has their unique specialty which makes them different from one to another.

I have listed quality, dependable and long lasting fishing reels for under a hundred bucks that you can use for fresh or salt water fishing, onshore or offshore. Whether you purchase one as a main reel or simply as a back-up, know that you are choosing from among the best that users have experienced and endorsed.

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