Best Pole Spears Reviews 2018

Pole spears are not just a friendly choice for beginners, but also very reliable even in professional spearfishing. Plus, there are several other variables that influence you to choose best pole spear for your underwater hunting.

Even though, tradition of pole spear is quite old, many spearos suggest it over modern spearguns.

Whether you're a snorkeler or scuba diver or a hobbyist Spearo,  and want to use traditional pole spear —use our buying guide to understand safety features as well as other factors that are important to you.

Here's Our Spearos Top 3 Picks

Good Value

Scuba Choice 5'

Editors Rating :

Materials: Fiber glass

3 Prong Paralyzer tip

Editor's Choice

JBL Breakdown 6'

Editors Rating : 

Materials: Aluminum

1 Barbed Paralyzer tip


Scuba Choice 4.5'

Editors Rating : 

Materials: Fiber glass

3 Prong Lionfish Barb tip

What are the Advantages of a Pole Spear?

Even with modern technology, why many spearos still root for this simple old-fashioned manual pole spear? You may wonder! Well, it has some good reasons-

  • They are affordable
  • Doesn't make sound like spearguns 
  • Easy to move 
  • Easy to catch small to medium fish
  • If you are a beginner, you can practice spearfishing at low cost.
  • Simple structure 
  • When you shoot your target with speargun, shaft penetrates through fish's body and sometimes tears the body. That doesn't happen with a pole spear.

What's the Best Pole Spear for Me?

Well, there's still no one pole spear invented yet, which is compatible with all kind of areas. There are different models for different places. And that's why I have 'a few' best pole spears. For blue water, I always prefer JBL Breakdown 6'. I've used many pole spears and this has been the most comfortable one for me. Lighter, easier to move in the saltwater and quite affordable for such pleasant quality. For reefs and caves, CARBON FIBER 7' is far best in my opinion.

How to Choose the Right Pole Spear?

Know the parts. You will understand what will be the best for you:

1. Pole

Length : Usually between 4-8 ft. But to make it longer, you can connect two poles and make it one. (Like I do with my Gat-ku)

Material : Made of either aluminium, fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Aluminium pole spear:

Pros - Lighter than fiberglass shaft and faster too.

Cons - Lithesome, so breaks down easily.

Fiberglass pole spear :

Pros - Doesn't get damaged like other materials. Pins the target harder.

Cons - Doesn't move fast.

Carbon fiber pole spear:

Pros : The lightest pole spear, so travels very fast. Flexible.

Cons : Difficult to pin a large fish because of the flexible structure.

2. Loop

Band :Diameter of sling defines the strength. Smaller inner diameter means stronger band. Most bands stretch to 25 lbs, but the one with larger diameter provides more.Check the elasticity. The purpose of loop depends on the band's elasticity and flexibility.

3. Tip 

Two types of tips are available: fixed tip or threaded.You can use whatever you like.But my personal choice is threaded tip, because with this tool you have so many options to switch to.

5 Best Pole Spears Review

Pick the pole spear in order to make your sub-aquatic hunt more exciting and full of fun.

1.JBL Breakdown Travel Polespear, 6'

To make your underwater hunting tools easier to carry, JBL has brought JBL Breakdown Travel Polespear, 6'. This 6 feet pole spears are likely manufactured for portability so that you can break it down into small pieces to fit in your backpack or inside your car trunk.You will find its length so adjustable that you can chase the distant fishes where other poles can’t reach.

Even with only the two segments stretch out it is longer than other poles available at the stores.Its paralyzer tip helps you get more fishes when your target is the small fishes like lobsters or crabs. And this pole is made corrosion resistant by anodizing with gold. The use of surgical rubber has made it lighter and you can replace it when you need.


  • Portable
  • Corrosion free
  • Light-weighted
  • Adjustable length


  • High price 
  • The tapered section may curve if even a light strike occurs against a rock
  • Needs more time to clean due to its hollow aluminum design and multiple components.
Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear review

If you find the previous model less convenient to use, this one will surely meet your need as this portable and powerful pole spear is specifically designed to make your fishing trip highly efficient. You can carry it easily by breaking it down into 27.5” pieces long. Unlike other fiber-glass pole spears (manufactured using low-materials), this aluminum anodized pole won’t leave aching spillikin on your hand.

The 5 prong paralyzer barb tip is likely the best gift brought to you by MAKO in this spear pole. Using this paralyzer tip, you can hunt small or medium fishes comfortably. The attached screws on its joints will ensure sleek disentangling of different parts while you need to disassemble the tool. Again, its three varied available length works well with different sized fishes.​

For instance-

  • 6’7” can be used for typical fishing location
  • 4’11” for fishes of close range area
  • 33” for Lion fishes​


  • Easy to fetch
  • Rust free
  • Aluminum coated
  • Flush screw for better handling


  • A few users find the tip fragile as it bends while it gets hit on a rock
  • Some users complained about its tip being too weak and blunt to pierce even the easy catches

If you are ready  to buying a pole spear with high performance guaranteed, Scuba Choice 5’ Pole Spear will be a great choice. It is a two piece pole, hence you can use it either full length while in open water, or can break it down during your diving on shallower shore water.Fiberglass made pole spears are heavier than the Aluminum made ones.

But its heaviness becomes gracious when your target is big game fishes. It is very solidly built and you can load it quickly as it takes less time to reload than a spear gun. Again, you can bent this fiberglass made shaft up to the extent you need to pursue the target fish without making it bent permanently like an aluminum shaft.​


  • Fiver glass materials make the spear strong and long lasting
  • Stainless steel bar tip is used as an exercise in futility
  • Black Rubber Sling for Safety
  • Collapsible design has made this tool easily portable


  • Barb is quite large
  • ​Design is not attractive

With Scuba Choice 5’ One Piece Spearfishing Pole Spear, you can make your spear fishing more lively. It glides through the water smoothly and can pierce the fishes precisely while released. It is constructed out of fiberglass which makes the spear bendable and heavier comparing with the aluminum-made pole.

Though speed decreases with weight, a lighter one also fails to penetrate the target catch. But the plus point is you can make more punches with this heavier pole spear.You don’t need to worry about its gradual waning after several diving as stainless steel keeps it corrosion resistant. Besides, it contains a barb tip that works better than a paralyzer tip and you can change it when you feel so.

Its 5’ length has added an extra benefit to it as you can shot 3 times in a row taking the advantage of its easy reloading system. Thus it gives you the chance of catching 3 fishes at one breath of air, or minimum 2 if you miss the first one.​


  • Removable Spear head for versatility
  • ​Rust free
  • Fiberglass materials make it long lasting


  • Regular stiffen or tightening the screw may be needed while diving
  • ​Less portable

When your target is the big lion fishes, Scuba Choice 4.5’ One Piece Spearfishing Pole Spear would be an excellent choice as it contains a powerful 6’ long 3 prong barb tip which is mainly engineered to hunt on big fishes like Lion fish or sharks. It is true that big fishes move little, but to deal with them you need a pole which is both stiff and durable. And fortunately, you will find both these qualities embodies in this one.

As it is made of fiberglass, it is heavier and slower than any other pole made of aluminum or graphite/carbon fiber. But these drawbacks have a positive impact also, since this heaviness has induced the strength in it needed to penetrate the fishes or to make a large punch.Its length is appropriate for chasing a big catch in a tight area where smaller poles may fail to give the same effectiveness. You can also replace its removable spear head to fit your need.​


  • Used Fiber Glass materials for Long Lasting
  • ​Easy to reload
  • Sharp and stainless Lionfish bar tip for better penetration on fishes


  • Less velocity in water due to fiberglass as it makes the pole heavier
  • ​The heavy weight may tire you before you catch the target number of fishes

Polespear Fishing Tips

Pole spear is admired by both beginners and professionals. It will be better if you follow a few tips for fishing with pole spear:

  1. Make steady and silent moves while you are swimming so that your target doesn't become alert.
  2. Learn your fish and the distance they don't care about. Be in that distance, don't get closer than that. Otherwise they will swim away from there.
  3. Don't move too fast. Fast motion will make sinuous waves and that will alert your target.
  4. Use your thumb and index finger to grab by the band. Then slide your hand up the spear to create tension for shooting.
  5. For more accurate shooting, wrap the band around the pole spear. Pulling it forward will twist the band and spiral the pole forward.
  6. Sometimes fish enter holes while swimming, wait behind the hole with your polespear ready. The fish will eventually get its head out and when it does, snap!
  7. Always follow a structure. Practice and learn to drive your target towards the place where it'd be easy for you to hunt them.
  8. Don't engage both of your hands holding the pole-spear. Keep one hand always ready to catch fish, while it will try to escape after shooting.
  9. Practice more and more. There's nothing beyond regular practice. By the way, I don't mean regular like regular morning walk.

So, here you got total idea and recommendation what to choose for your underwater hunting adventure. Choose wisely which suits your budget and at the same time does not break your bank. Whereas you can choose your best pole spear for the price under $50, a simple spear gun may cost between $100-200.

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