Best Kayak Fish Finder Reviews

The best kayak fish finder needs to be, firstly lightweight, waterproof and would have to work good on limited cockpits in your kayak.

​Finding a fish finder that also includes a GPS is a real bonus. A GPS device will assist you in finding your way back safely if you are lost in shoreline.

Top things to consider to select best Kayak fish finder

  • Transducer should be easily mountable on kayak
  • If you are using small kayak, buy a smaller screen unit, larger screen for bigger kayak
  • Must be waterproof
  • Buy portable if budget is less and you want it for multipurpose use such as; ice fishing, shore fishing,freshwater etc. Also if you work on rented kayaks then there is no option for you without buying portable unit.
  • Choose higher frequency for high speed operation
  • Having a GPS enabled fish finder help you to mark location with fish hotspot for future fishing, get back to home if you are lost in deep sea and allow you to get all other full benefits of a traditional GPS units
  • Black & white, gray-scale or color display? Which one you prefer? Definitely price increase based on your preference.

So, what is the best kayak fish finder for you?

​The question is something like asking what the best car is. As there are wide ranges of variation in price and features on this technology, finding a kayak fishfinder moreover depends on how much you are willing to spend and what advance features you want it to have.

For making your purchase decision easier, we have broken the options down into 3 different categories based on price.

Kayak Fish Finder Under $300​


With your budget in mind, we have collated the best fish finder under $200. If all you want to do is catch the small fish, then this is for you.

1.Signstek Portable Fish finder Outdoor

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Signstek Portable Fish finder review

As a real angler, this fish finder will suits your all basic expectation and at under $300 you cannot go wrong. Screen size is small and lightweight.

If the space is small in your kayak this fishfinder is a piece of cake for you.

You can fish with Signstek Outdoor Fish finder couple of years happily. Becase of small sonar display, battery backup is long. The device comes with a mount that can be installed in the boat's thru-hull.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy operation – switch on, cast and away you go
  • Depth reading up to 24 feet
  • Screen display is color and made clearer with 512 colors
  • Water Temperature indicator give constant update about temperature


  • ​Accurate depth indicator
  • Quick biting results
  • Good screen visibility and resolution
  • Works in most temperatures, icy or very hot
  • Perfect for kayak fishing due to size and weight
  • Multiple sonar options


  • ​It could do with bigger battery capacity, but will last a good few hours
  • Mounting for Transducer is included but is fixed and cannot be removed once set up
  • Sensitivity level takes a little bit of patience and time to get set properly
  • Shallow or Deep Water?

Whether you’re a deep water fisherman or the angler sticks close to the shoreline, there are ​some suggested fish finders can be perfect for your Kayak.

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garmin echo 151dv review

Sometimes the calm, simple approach to fishing is what you can apply using Germin Echo 151. Staying in the shallow waters can be just as rewarding. And spending hard bucks on a GPS Device isn’t always a necessity.

This is our recommendation for shallow water fishing.

If all you are worried about is where the next little fish is, then this is the device for you. Simple but powerful, this transducer will have you pulling in the babies.

It has built in temperature monitoring system which provides real time update about the water temperature.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 Inch Grayscale display resolution of 160 x 256 is ideal to keep it as portable unit
  • Awesome Echo 151, Dual-beam transducer
  • Easy to tilt, swivel and has a quick release mount
  • Narrow to wide viewing cone angles give perfect picture of fish


  • ​Large depth reading capacity
  • Temperature gauge is accurate
  • Sturdy Garmin transducer for that occasional bump
  • Uses less battery power than other models


  • ​Set up screen can run a little quickly
  • No fish size alarm facility

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deeper portable fish finderThere are many tech savvy anglers who don’t like heavy equipment. Deeper is ultra-smart portable and lightweight fish finder for the people who don’t like extra weight.
Our choice is from the brand Deeper as it is compatible with any phone- IOS or Android device and most of us have one or the other.

Simple and effective, this is the way to go in this modern techno age.

This castable device floats on the water when you cast it give you reading about how depth the water is and electronic image signal of fishing appearance.It is number one choice to all anglers from sea water to freshwater; ice fishing to small ponds or lake fishing.


Highlighted Features

  • Due to the portable nature, it can be used in boat, kayak, float tube, ice fishing and any other angling
  • Included is a free application which covers the weather, maps, a fish activity calendar and much more
  • Long battery backup
  • Dual beam for real time monitoring of simultaneous fishing presents
  • Depth up to 130 feet
  • The graphics are very clear on your smartphone


  • Perfect size for Kayak fishing
  • Easy to setup with your smartphone Bluetooth 
  • Compatible with over 7000 Smartphones
  • Accurate seeking of fish – almost guaranteed catches every time
  • Application has many, many awesome features
  • Recharging from car, home or anywhere is possible with the additional charge cables


  • ​Rechargeable batteries have a lifespan and only a few recharges, so need to be changed quite regular
  • Updates – ensuring your Smartphone is on the latest update as well as the application is upgraded regularly is paramount or it won’t work as it should

Fish Finder Under $500

​Want the best fish finder for the money to win the game?

There are many brands that offer a portable option when it comes to fish finders. Lowrance and Humminbird are two that are quite popular. Garmin also another popular brand, offers GPS combos, including sealed lead battery or rechargeable batteries and dual-beam suction cup transducer. In addition they offer a carrying bag, which is a life-saver.You can’t go wrong with a Raymarine brand.

Within this budget you are getting more bells and whistles.

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humminbird helix 5 reviews

Within 5 inches display size humminbird helix 5 offer you standard screen view. Though this display is big enough for many anglers it is still the miniature version of helix series.

With the built in GPS system you are always up to date with your current spot and save important locations. When out in the Deep Ocean, you want to know you can navigate with ease. GPS and Sonar are essential so, ensuring your fish finder has these included is necessary.

Whether you are navigating the contoured layouts, shallow reefs or deep cliff areas, you want to know you aren’t just sitting waiting in vain for that next bite. With so many features in this awesome fish finder, you will be overwhelmed. Fishing will become a dream and you will be the envy of your fishing buddies.

Highlighted Features

  • Internal GPS system with side imaging function
  • 4,000 Watts of PTP Power Output for better reading
  • 5” Color Display screen
  • Down and Side viewing imaging
  • Sonar and Dual beam provide crystal clear view


  • ​Easily mountable and better on a trolling motor
  • GPS is accurate
  • Less noisy
  • Once HD Transducer installed, screen clarity is great


  • ​Need to add a HD Transducer to get full effect of HD screen
  • Transducer mount could be built better – a little flimsy
  • An software upgrade is required and isn’t clearly outlined on the packaging or instructions

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raymarine dragonfly review

When you are in the kayak Raymarine Dragonfly-5 is must have device because it allow you seeing the fish and the bottom structure so much easier.

You can install that transducer on the through hall without any issues. This waterproof fishing device is simple to use and function is so much smooth.

You can use it in different mode what you want. Big reservoirs also get the regular sonar view super simple to understand.

Battery given with this is small so you can carry it easily. On the bottom Raymarine is the unit you could use on your all day fishing.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual-channel Sonar included
  • Compatible with your Smartphone and downloadable application
  • Wide Viewing, sharp color and high definition is what you get with the 5” LED
  • Backlit screenMultiple mounting optionsMicro SD Card included


  • ​Super clear screen even in bright sunlight
  • Wireless connection is reliable and super helpful
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Contours are easily viewed with the color screen


  • ​Transducer motor mount sold separately only
  • Screen dirties easily and needs constant cleaning
  • Booting up is a bit slow

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lowrance elite 5 hdi review

Lowrance Elite-5 device is made for Hybrid Dual Imaging function. Why you would keep Lowrance Elite fish locators on your buying consideration? Efficient, high quality and delivers pure results what underneath.

It have two different views-Broadband sonar which help you out to track jigs where you can catch big fish and down scan sonar which give you image of fish like structure. The fun thing is you can combine both on one view which allows you to know clearly exactly what’s going on under water.

You can rewind your sonar to go back to history which helps you understand what the strong part is.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a built in GPS
  • In addition a mounted transducer
  • The Down Scan and Standard Sonar are inclusiveA 5” Color LCD Screen with 480x480 pixel Solara 256-color display
  • Have speed and temp sensor


  • ​The auto range is fabulous
  • Depth reading is clear and concise
  • It shows water temperature and boat speed on a wide screen
  • Easy to view from a distance, even in bright sunlight
  • Easy mounting system


  • ​Requires a firm update which can be difficult to source
  • The screen gets a little grimy and is not so easy to clean
  • Does not provide side view
  • Need Bigger Screen? Fish Finder Under 1000 Dollar

Depths, temperatures, digital displays and better viewing of fish sizes will all depends in the size of the screen.Bigger screen is for comfortless on your eye vision.

Humminbird Helix 7 SI GPS Fishfinder with Side Imaging

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Humminbird Helix 7 review

Humminbird Helix 7 SI GPS included fish finder comes with full color display and large screen which make it overall beauty to work with.

If you compare greyscale with color display you will be sold on color. Think kokes vs. trouts. Kokes show up clearer because of their large air bladder. Everything is better in color!

Within this widescreen side imaging device, you can see fully translucent view from any angle. Helix 7 covered with bonded glass, which ensures complete safety of your eyes under the sunlight.

Highlighted Features

  • GPS and glass bonded side imaging display
  • 16:9 Glass- bonded display screen is super wide
  • Pixel resolution is perfect
  • Glare-free display


  • ​Easy setup and navigation
  • Good visibility on the large screen
  • Easy mounting
  • Accurate GPS navigation


  • No HD Transducer included – this is needed for more clarity
  • No cover included

Kayak Transducer Mount

A successful installation of transducer in kayak is significant because success of catching fish depends on clear view on the screen. So setting up transducer should be accurate.

Most of the people become afraid of mounting the transducer after buying a new fishfinder. They are very confused where to start and think it is so difficult.

After purchasing a fish finder it is easy to install the transducer if you follow proper step by step guideline.

You can install the transducer in kayak at different location of the kayak including, through the hull, into the scupper hole or on the backside of your kayak. Which option is most suitable among all really depends on your type of transducer on the device.

Want to watch how to set up?

Watch this detail video to get educated knowledge exactly how you can do it:

Final Verdict

A fish finder is one of the most important instruments that help you viewing real image of underneath structure and fish existence. In other word this device can be called your third eye which work in the water that makes your sport-fishing more amusing.

There are miscellaneous buzz articles online which provide top 10 device reviews, though they either don’t have knowledge what is fish finder or complete idea about this little invention.

To be winner within your buying decision, always choose reputed brand and of course with full warranty. Their customer support should be top notch.