Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money – Reviews 2017

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Image: Antron yarn stonefly tied by Chris Patterson

Tying the fly is fun & thrilling task .

With just a little practice, anyone can learn the art of tying.

Whether you tie flies only for yourself or plan to start selling your creations, the first step is owning a best fly tying vise.

Get the vise, secure the materials such as furs feathers and tinsels to the hooks and craft as much flies as you want.

In this article, we reviewed 5 different popular fly tying vise models to see how each one performs.

Keep reading to see which of these models were our favorites and most useful.

Here are some quick selection tips.

  • ​The fly tying vise is two types. Pedestal and C-Clamp. Do you like to tie in your home? Choose C-Clamp vise. Do you tie when traveling? Then Choose Pedestal one.
  • Want to rotate the hook when tying? Purchase a true rotary vise.
  • Does it hold hook well? In a nutshell, the vises which holds hook tightly and securely is the thing every tyer need to consider.
  • Is it made of proper materials? Some cheap vises are made with soft metal which is very vulnerable to break. Buy a vise made of quality materials.
  • Is it adjustable to hold different sizes of hooks? Choose the vise which can holds wide range of hooks.

Expert Angler's Recommendation

Griffin Odyssey 360º true rotary vise; an incredibly user friendly fly tying vise. As it comes up with a well designed C-Clamp, you can tie the flies in your home. You will be able to rotate the fly as you wish to inspect it from all sides as it is fully rotary vise. Need to hold variety of hook sizes? With Griffin Odyssey you have the ability to holds a wide range of hook from 4/0 to size 28.

Also affordable price is another reason that earned our editor's choice. A crazy good value for the price! Also you can check out Griffin Odyssey Spider Cam Vise–A new upgrades of this brand, which has excellent machined cradle and a better turning handle.

Other Top 3 Picks

Griffin Odyssey

Editors Rating :

» Jaw capacity:  28 to 4/0

» Base Type: C-clamp rotary vise

Peak Rotary Vise

Editors Rating : 

» Jaw capacity : 2/0

» Base Type : Pedestal & C-clamp

Orvis Renzetti Traveler

Editors Rating : 

» Hook Size: 28 to 4/0

» Base Type: Only Pedestal, right

Whether you're a beginner or expert angler, you want a quality fly-tying vise to-

  • Get the exact flies you want
  • Get the flies always ready other than buying from fly shop
  • Keep yourself  away from long time waiting period for the shipment of flies after ordering online

How to Select Best Fly Tying Vise?

When you decide to buy fly tying vise, make sure it is easy to use, stable and durable. And best vise should be used for saltwater as well as freshwater flies.

Though it is a matter of personal choices, considering few basic pieces of stuffs make your decision easier.

Step #1 – Determine by Your budget

The tyer's number one consideration in picking a tying vise is, of course, the budget. Price varies roughly from a little under 100 dollars to 500 dollars or eventually more!

Fortunately, there are some awesome options of tying vises which can be purchased for under $100 people are loving. Can you guess then what the reason of spending much more is?

The primary purpose of any tool is to make the task easier. Some tools provide better quality and perform the task smoother than others. What will make the differences? Design, materials used and well finishing make all the differences.​

5 Best Fly Tying Vise Reviews

1.Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise

Have you read the above recommendation but could not decide? We see no wrong with this decision. It's okay if you’ll want to learn more which tool can pick up the crank.

As you want to tie flies, you need tools that are easy to use, hold securely and it has all essential features.

The most interesting feature of this device is; a cam lock jaws, unlike the older version which used a screw to clamp. Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise is a 100% rotary vise that can hold a wide range of hook sizes from 4/0 to size 28 hooks. The most prominent thing of this is- true 360-degree rotary feature that also has bobbin cradle.


  • True 360° rotation
  • Holds hook safely and tightly
  • Lock down head and handle tightly
  • Included a hex wrench
  • Available as either a base or c-clamp


  • Actually, we did not get many cons about these from users

2.Regal Medallion, C-Clamp Fly Tying Vise

If you want a beginner level vise under $200 budget. This is exactly what you get with Regal Medallion Vise.This vise allows you to turn flies without removing from vise. Needless to say, that is the most desired function of a vise.

This tool is designed with solid aluminum which made it a durable and long lasting vice. As it is a C- Clamp vise so, you can clamp onto your table top or desk. It is adjustable.

It is also a very wide vise which gives good support to your "non threading" hand. You will love the ease of operation and the clearance to work. The price, quality, and all the features make this vise a favorite choice.


  • Easy to use
  • Holds small hooks as well as large hooks
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Attractive finish


  • It has a crazy stiff spring
  • Not a good option for travelers as it is C -Clamp Vise

3.Nor-Vise Fly Tying System

Nor-Vise is the tool for all serious anglers who want a top notch fly tying station for crafting flies. A full-size, high-quality vise. Easy and faster tying. This comes in handy if you especially want adjustable bent arm and midge jaw conversion. No confusion; no gimmicks. Not compromise with quality vises.

A perfect, mid range vise that you will be using several years. All parts are made with accuracy and carefully finished using top notch stainless steel. That is a great vise to use in the saltwater pattern.


  • Automatic bobbin cradles
  • Full control over the hook rotating ability of the jaws
  • Variety of interchangeable jaws


  • High price tag is the only cons

4.Orvis Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise / Only Pedestal, Right

Orvis Renzetti Traveler is a pedestal base vise that provides a durable work platform and a handy, fulfilled pocket for beads and hooks.You can tie with confidence on this vise. Inject some extra fun into your artificial fly building experiences with this true rotary vise.

It comes complete with a feature to adjust for right or left-hand action. This pedestal base vice is a blessing for traveling and those who like an easily bearable tool.

Easy to use, just nip the handle and attach the hook in. Orvis Renzetti is ideal for dries in case you like to turn the hook but not the hackle.


  • Provide extra stability
  • Adjustable bobbin cradle
  • Easiest way to tie on


  • Using old technology

5.Dyna-King Barracuda Pedestal Vise

Dyna-King is made of heavy stainless steel that has an iron block with a flat top. What’s great about the tool is that it can holds up to hook range: 8/0-22 Length. The Trekker is a lightweight; durable vise machined to hold the angling trekker. This is true that tying your flies on a top level vise makes you happy and excited at a time. Using Trekker you can tie larger flies for Pike, Musky, trout and more.

A true rotary vise many successful anglers are using worldwide. You tie professionally or commercially what you call that can be utilized everywhere. This Pedestal Fly Tying Vise allows you to carry it anywhere and ties in any place.


  • Works Faster and Smarter in fly tying
  • Professional tool that ties larger flies
  • No slipping and smooth ball bearing rotation
  • Hardened steel jaws to hold variety of hooks
  • Precision ball bearings construction


  • Price high

Step #2– Determine the Style of Vise

There are 3 styles of vises for the beginner to think about: standard non-rotary, rotary and true-rotary.There is short brief about these three types of vises based on rotating styles:

- Standard non-rotary vises are simple, lower in price which performs the basic job well. Price varies from $50 to $150 range based on quality.

- Rotary vises usually cost $50 to $200 which are more stable. It allows 360-degree rotation of the jaws and helps in tying most flies.

- True Rotary also makes 360-degree rotation like rotary vises but besides it allows the hook rotating on the axis of the hook shank. That mean the hook will rotate own, but the hook shank will not change its position. Most top notch true rotary vises cost between $200-$500. True rotatory tying is needed if you tie average size trout flies like 4-20.

Step #3 – What Type of Bases?

There are two types of bases to ponder.

- Pedestal base

- C-Clamp Base

Which is your choice between these two vice base type? C-clamp or pedestal? Someone also prefers two vises from both kinds for the different function of these accessories. Most travelers highly prefer pedestal because of portability, sturdiness, and stability. The advantage of the pedestal vise is it is portable which can be set up almost anywhere. This heavy pedestal base has more function in positioning your task in a place.

The disadvantages are; mainly the weight and the vise is not effectively mounted as a C-Clamp base.

A C-Clamp base helps the vise to attach with the table top side. It is lighter than Pedestal and more stable. A Clamp is a good option if you work in your home or you want a vise that won't change position in extra pressure. It has a small disadvantage. If you want to attach it to a thicker edge of the table top, it may not fit well.

Step #4 – What Type of Flies you'd make?

The size of hook matters a lot! If you always fish only a size 22, it is not necessary to purchase a big vise. Alternatively, tiny, slender jaws are entirely unwholesome for holding big, broader hooks.

​Step #5 – Determine the Rotation and Adjustability

The supreme difference among many vises is rotation mechanism. Is it capable of rotating? How smooth and strong the rotation is? Some vises aren't rotatable, and some others can be rotated up to 360-degree.

Step #6 – Determine the Smoothness of Vise Jaws

All fly tying vises come with jaws. It’s one of the main features of all. The jaws should be easy to open and close. Also, make sure jaws are easily adjustable.

​Step #7 – Buy with Warranty

Warranty helps build trust. Some of the vises don't have warranty though those are good products. That's a bad thing. That means if after purchasing you find any damage or anything goes wrong you will lose full money! We don't recommend any product which does not come with warranty or guarantees. I found Griffin vises provides a lifetime warranty. So your money is safe. If any defect found, you send it to the dealer. They will repair with no cost. That's a great thing.

So Many Vises, So many options!

Recommended Book on Fly Tying Guide

Verdict: Which Tying Vise should you buy?

From travel vises to rotary vises, finding the best fly tying vise is a daunting task. Everything requires suiting your needs, budget, and skills. Enjoy making flies in/at your home using recommended fly tying kit and vise.

All tools we just reviewed are somewhat similar to function and neighbor in features. However, there are a few key dissimilarities that should help you picking one.

Also when you consider the price it is easy to select which you want to purchase. So take another look at the product of above under different price range and choose one best vise for you.

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