6 Best Fly Box Review 2018

Any experienced fly fisherman will tell you, choosing the best fly box can be an exercise in patience. Though most of them seem similar at first glance, each fly box is generally designed for a different task.

If you're a dry fly angler, you'll want a compartment box to make sure your hackles don't get crushed. If you need a box for streamers or nymphs, you should pay attention to the foam strips.

Do you want your box to have clear sides? Should it be waterproof? To make your life somewhat easier, we've made a list of six of the best fly boxes on the market today.

6 Best Fly Box Reviews

If you have exactly 432 flies and are looking for a place to store them, this box is for you! If you have less than that, well, the Max 432 Fly Box is still a good all-in-one product. As the name suggests, it can hold up to 432 flies of all types and varieties.

Finding a fly box that can hold both dries and streamers is hard, and this one delivers in that regard. The box is covered with precision slit foam on both the inside and the outside shell. This added convenience helps keep the box small enough to fit into a vest pocket. Two more points in this box's favor: the lid is see-through, and the entire case is waterproof.

For those among you with a large collection of different-sized flies, this is a great way to keep them together. After all, nobody likes dragging around a bunch of tiny cups for every type of fish you might catch.

If you're tired of having your hackles smashed all the time, this tidy product provides an interesting solution. The box is characterized by its unique design, which allows you to keep both your poppers and your bigger specimens. The smaller flies can be stored on the top of the page, while the slanted middle section lets you hold the streamers.

All the flies are kept in a thin profile, and there's no danger of them getting smashed. Plus, the precision slit foam is a huge help in keeping your flies in one place. And the fact that the fly case is waterproof and can be closed with a single hand, and you get an excellent product. The lid is also see-through, which is just a cherry on top.

One quick glance at this box will tell you all you need to know about its target audience. With its large dimensions, this is an excellent choice for your big streamers. The box is watertight and made of rugged plastic, which allows it to float on the water.

The neoprene seals make for a great hinge and lock system, and the box keeps out water well. Both sides are lined up with foam inserts, which do a nice job of keeping the flies in place. The latch system is easy to use, and the lid will stay tight even in the more extreme conditions.

This box has been designed for large flies and streamers, and it does its job well. If you're fishing for saltwater salmon, it would do you well to check it out.

Compared to the previous product, this fly box couldn't feel more different. With its small dimensions, the box can fit into a vest pocket. Its two covers are completely transparent, and there are no blurry or wavy effects.

This saves you some time by letting you go over your collection without having to open the box. The edges are protected by the water seal design, and the fly case is entirely waterproof.

The slotted foam makes retrieving the flies an easy task.All in all, this is another solid choice for small to medium-sized flies. Other than keeping them in one place, you can also admire them at any time!

Speaking of transparent covers, this fly box is yet another good choice. Though it's not suited for large flies, you can use it to keep hundreds of nymphs and midges. As you've probably gathered from the name, it's extremely slim. If you're a fan of a chest pack, this is the perfect companion to it.

Due to its soft plastic, the box is quite lightweight as well. While it's not entirely waterproof, it will float on the water for as long as you need it to.Since the nymphs are the most productive flies for trout fishing, this fly box is definitely worth a look.

Given that it also lets you save some space, it's a good value buy in this category.

Finally, we have this specialized double-sided dry fly box. One side is designed for high profile dry fly patterns – for example, parachutes and hoppers – and the other one lets you store hundreds of standard-sized dry flies.

Of course, all this capacity means the product is larger than most other dry fly cases. Still, the box is not oppressively heavy. This is another box with a see-through lid, which allows for quick identification.

The lid is deep enough to ensure your hoppers won't get smashed. The O-ring technology is pretty much a guarantee that your flies will be safely tucked away.

If you're looking for the best dry fly box for your money, this one qualifies. With its durable and weatherproof design, it should serve you well for years to come.

Things to consider for Buying Best fly boxes:

  • How Many? First of all, you must consider exactly how many fly boxes you would want to carry. If you are planning on an extended trip then it is recommended that you carry a good stock of flies to be on the safe side. The vests usually have several pockets but instead of stuffing them all, you may consider carry more than one fly boxes that can last throughout the day. You can actually think about buying more fly boxes to store the different species of flies. For example, you may store all flies for saltwater fishing together, and put the dry ones in a different box.
  • Components: Before making the purchase, ensure that the compartments of the fly boxes are functional when you are on the water. The semitransparent plastic ones are the least expensive and they come with multiple compartments. If you can afford to get the slightly more expensive ones then you can opt for the fly boxes that come with hooks onto which the flies can be organized neatly.
  • Water Resistant: It is completely your choice – whether or not you want any compartments in the fly boxes. There are some boxes which come lined with foam material. You can easily hook the flies and arrange them in a preferred order. Another important thing to consider is that the box should be water resistant. This can save the dry flies from getting wet, if you happen to take a spill in the water. This can save you from a lot of hassles.

Tips on using the fly boxes for fishing

The fly boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes so you must ensure that flies will fit in them properly. If you have big flies then it would anyways require more space to fit in than the smaller ones.

It is really difficult to say which one of the fly boxes is the best among them as it completely depends on your preferences. You can however put your name, phone number and may be address on the fly boxes while you go on a fishing trip, so that in case they slip off your pocket and accidentally reach someone else, then you stand a chance of getting it back. Order your own set of fly boxes today and enjoy a great time fishing!...

So, what are you waiting for?

Recommended Book on Fly Tying Guide:


The most important thing to know when buying a fly box is finding the best use for it. As you can see, these six products serve a wide variety of different needs and sensibilities. Whether your collection consists of dry flies, nymphs or streamers, one of these boxes should fit the bill.

They all offer quite a bit bang for your buck, and were designed by respected manufacturers.

And, most importantly, no longer will you have to worry about your flies getting destroyed or lost in the sea. Take our word for it – these fly boxes are all the protection your fly collection needs.​

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