Benefits of Using Sunglasses When Fishing

Imagine a really hot day of hot right? When you head out to a sports like ‘fishing’, ‘hiking’ and 'hunting' or any other outdoor activity in hot sunny days, the heat that comes from the sun makes you want to jump into the water. You can’t directly stare at the sun.

A pair of sunglasses allow you to look everything clearly under the sun without hurting your eyes. These spectacles are specially made to safeguard the eyes from the uncomfortable sunlight. Not only they protect the eyes from the sunlight only, but also prevent the dust coming to your eyes and diminish headache.

If you think that sunglasses are only made for show off or fashion purpose, you still have a lot to know.

So let's see, what are the glasses all about? What are they for? What are the benefits? Why to wear Sunglasses?

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Main Advantages of Using Sunglasses-

  • Protect the eyes from the sunlight.
  • Not just sunlight, protect the eyes from dust, sand, snowflake and tiny objects as well.
  • Prevent eye diseases. E.g. skin cancer.
  • Pupil and the corners around the eyes don't get sunburned.
  • Improve your vision.
  • Prevent headaches and migraines.
  • Promote healing.
  • Protect the eyes from the artificial lights reflected from electronics.
  • Helps you to see more

So, aren't sunglasses good for health? Now, let's see:

Why our eyes need protection -We love our planet, because it's beautiful. From its vast sea-shores to wild flowers, from shrines of Vatican City to Las Vegas's casinos, white Alaska to sandy Gujarat- everything is beautiful.

Are we aware of this? We got to see all of these things for our eyes. We enjoy the beauty of life because of our eyesight. While, sunlight is necessary to survive on this planet, too much of its ray can also affect our lives on the earth badly. The UV ray in the sunlight causes lots of harms to our organs, skin and particularly the eyes.

Before going ahead lets be familiar with some health problems that can be occurred in human eyes:

Skin Cancer : The skin around the eyes and the skin of the eyelids can get affected easily by the UV ray that comes from the sunlight. The UV ray and other hazardous elements easily develop cancer cells on the following skin, which causes skin cancer.

CataractsA disease which has caused blindness of about 900,000 people around the world is a result of UV exposure to the eyes. In this disease, people can go blind because of the clouding of the eyes' lens that can blur vision.

Macular Degeneration: When the Macula of retina deteriorates, the eyesight becomes highly damaged. Sometimes the deterioration of the Macula can also cause blindness. Because of the UV-ray of the sunlight, the deterioration occurs faster.

Pterygium : It is a disease of eyeballs. UV ray can affect the wounded cells severely, which is painful.#GLAUCOMA :UV exposure may also worsen the symptoms of Glaucoma, another serious eye condition that can result in blindness.

So, that's why we need to save our eyes.And, nothing's better than wearing polarized glass to help our vision and healthy lifestyle.

Does sunglasses Increase Catch Rates in Fishing?

When you asked to different types of people out there- what’s the most essential tools in an angler arsenal? Most of them will say ‘its their fishing ‘rod’ or ‘reels’ or somebody will say ‘fishing hooks’. Obviously these are important tools.

But they miss to mention the name of another important accessory. To keep our eyes healthy, glare free and prevent harmful effects of sunlight when fishing it is necessary to wear a pair of glasses. It must be best polarized sunglasses to get the maximum blessing.

But only that doesn't describe the whole purpose of sunglasses.Sunglasses can take a really good care of our eyes:

  • We also need to keep our eyes clean. The shields of the sunglasses prevent the sand, the snowflake, tiny objects and dust from entering our eyes.
  • Everybody loves to get a perfect tan. But if one doesn't follow the reacquired procedures for tanning, his/her precious skin can get sunburned instead of becoming attractive. Sunburned skin doesn't look just awful, it's harmful as well. But good sunglasses save the skin around the eyes and eyelid from getting sunburned.
  • Moreover, this is a hotly debated issue, but the consensus seems to be that in light rain, during the day, the right sunglasses can improve your vision. An improved vision is all we want all the time.
  • By the grace of God, we are blessed with a really good vision. But in some cases, bare eyes just can't help to see it all. For example, it's really hard to see in the middle of a sandstorm or a snowstorm. And as we described before, sunglasses work as shields, so it becomes easy to see through a sandstorm or snowstorm with sunglasses on.
  • Or if it's a rainy day, the blobs of water don't get to the eyes, if you have your sunglasses on and help you to see well. Or when the sunlight is too intense and you can hardly see anything, the sunglasses provide you with shades. Thus, it becomes easy to see better.
  • If you are suffering from any eye disease, you have to be careful. If anything goes wrong, the situation can get worse. So, sunglasses would be perfect to guard your infected eyes. And that helps to heal faster.
  • When we are working on gadgets, like cellphone or computer, watching television, the ray that emerges from these gadgets, goes straightly into our eyes, which is harmful for the pupil. If we use following gadgets with sunglasses on, the artificial ray won't be able to cause any harm to our eyes.
  • When we have sunglasses on, our nerves are more relaxed than ever. This reduces headaches and migraines. Again, intense sunlight can increase headaches and migraines, and we know how sunglasses prevent sunlight from causing harm to our eyes.
  • Sunglasses also help by reducing eyestrain and fatigue.


In the end, let me tell you some more interesting facts.

♣ Sunglasses are really stylish and look much better than regular glasses.

♣ A Good pair of sunglasses can really showcase your personality.

Last thing is, it's better not to address those glasses as Sunglasses, when it's all rainy or you are skiing in the middle of the winter. It's more accurate to call them goggles, when you are not around the sun.

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